Winter is a magical time at zavora lodge. Whilst winter brings coldness and starkly dry landscapes to many parts of Southern Africa, Zavora Lodge in Mozambique experiences one of its most magical times, making it an idyllic destination for a tropical winter getaway. During this time of year, everyone at the lodge waits ... Read More


Across the world, there are many scuba diving enthusiasts seeking beautiful waters to explore and observe. There are many internationally acclaimed diving spots, and Mozambique diving is considered some of the best diving in Africa. Mozambique diving is easy ... Read More


The country of Mozambique is a diverse country with many different places to see, from quiet islands and beaches, to large cities full of culture and tourist attractions, to the sparse wide open plains of the inland. With something for vacationers of all stripes, it is important for someone ... Read More


Want to float weightlessly like an astronaut? Do you want to see the world from a whole different perspective? After a long, warm and wonderful holiday in Mozambique you decided that these questions need answers and you have now seen enough of the beach and you are feeling adventurous. So you come ... Read More


It’s that time of year again!  Christmas is only two months away and that means I will be soaking up the sun on the beach at my dream holiday location, Zavora Lodge in Mozambique within a few weeks’ time! The reason for my choice is that there ... Read More