Mozambique Diving – A Must

Mozambique Diving – A Must

Want to float weightlessly like an astronaut?

Do you want to see the world from a whole different perspective?

After a long, warm and wonderful holiday in Mozambique you decided that these questions need answers and you have now seen enough of the beach and you are feeling adventurous. So you come to the conclusion that diving is the next step.

Once you have decided you want to learn to dive here is how you go about obtaining this skill:

Diving Mozambique with Zavora Lodge

Number 1:  Physical requirements

Find out what the physical requirements are and check that you are in line with them. This includes physically, mentally and medically. Especially medically.

Number 2: Scuba Diving Courses

Find out if there is a diving store in your town and if they provide comprehensive diving courses. Like any sport in the world diving has its risks, but if you have an instructor that can guide you through all possible scenarios and place you in a position to be able to handle any situation that comes your way and that can teach you the basics then you are well on your way to discovering the underwater wonder world.

Gear for Diving in Mozambique

Number 3: Gear

Unfortunately we do not have gills like fish so we have to rely on equipment to breath under water, making diving a equipment based sport. Once you have mastered diving you have to purchase your own gear. 90% of the time resorts that you can dive at have gear available but certain items you have to use your own like your wet suite, fins, mask, regulator and dive boots. These are just a few of the items. Your instructor will be able to give you a detailed list of what you have to purchase. The air tanks can be rented at some of the resorts.

Number 4: Theory

Make sure that you have studied and understand the effects that going under water will have on you mentally and physically. Go through the theoretical aspect of it and make sure you are prepared and know what to expect.

Number 5: Practice

After you have found an instructor to guide you, have purchased the basic gear and understand the theory then it is time to practice. Together with your instructor you will have the opportunity now to practice diving in a pool to enable you to get familiar with the effects of diving, learn how to dive and how to react in different situations and also to get acquainted with the different equipment.

Diving at Zavora Lodge in Mozambique

Number 6: Holiday

Once you have passed your course and you are now fully trained in the sport of diving it is time to book your next holiday. One lodge that is fully equipped in providing you with a magnificent diving experience is Zavora Lodge in Mozambique. Mozambique diving is a must for any diver.

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