Under the Sea: Mozambique Diving

Under the Sea: Mozambique Diving

Across the world, there are many scuba diving enthusiasts seeking beautiful waters to explore and observe. There are many internationally acclaimed diving spots, and Mozambique diving is considered some of the best diving in Africa. Mozambique diving is easy to come by, since the country has more than 2,400 kilometers of coastline that includes many diverse dive spots to choose from and all manner of wildlife to observe. When picking a place to go diving in Mozambique, there are a number of cities to choose from, depending on what sort of wildlife the diver wishes to see.

Mozambique diving with Zavora Lodge

The Party at Ponta do Ouro

On the southeastern coast of Mozambique just a few miles north of the South African border lies a small jut of land called Ponta do Ouro; it is one of the most lauded dive spots in the country. With more than nineteen offshore reefs to explore, a traveler to Mozambique could spend an entire dive trip in Ponta do Ouro and still not have seen everything its waters has to offer. With such an abundance of sites, there are plenty of dives for divers of all experience levels. There are aquatic breeding grounds, sand flats and gullies to see, and even a few continental shelf dives where sharks are known to haunt. It is also known as a spot where dolphins are active, adding yet another attraction to the already plentiful activities. There are a number of dive charters to choose from, making it a simple thing for a diver to plan his/her trip to one of the most diverse Mozambique diving spots.

Diving the Island Life

Farther up the coast of Mozambique lies the Bazaruto Archipelago, a lush group of islands cut off from the rest of the country. One of the largest of the islands is called Benguerra Island, another prime spot for scuba divers. It is a sleepy island, a far cry from some of the more tourist-centric spots in Mozambique, making it the perfect spot for a quiet getaway for Mozambique diving. There is a wide variety of wildlife, with three species of turtles commonly seen, and reef fish are also abundant. The shallow waters stay consistently warm all year round, making it a prime spot when the less sheltered waters cool in the winter months.

Details for Mozambique Diving

The largest island in the archipelago, appropriately named Bazaruto Island, is another oft-visited spot by local and international divers alike. With five internationally known dive centers, there is plenty to see. The greatest pull is a dive center called the Two Mile Reef, where some of the best Mozambique diving is available. As the name implies, it is an exceptionally large reef, with nine of the island’s dive sites located on its span. It is an incredibly diverse reef, offering so many choices that it is easy to forget that that each is part of the same reef, a testament to the beauty of Mozambique diving.

Mozambique’s crystal blue waters are home to a large number of diverse, vibrant dive centers and it is a destination all local divers should make a point to see, and any international diver looking for a feast for the eyes should definitely consider a trip to Mozambique’s beautiful seas.

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